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  • $7408

Core Cutter Modular System ITM (Made in Germany)

  • Modular System
  • Up to 6” Diameter
  • Allows for Angle Drilling
  • Use With or Without Spiral Flute
  • Adaptors Accommodate Any Combination
  • Unmatched Flexibility

All parts sold separately. Drilling through REBAR will cause damage to system.


  1.  Wipe off oil or lubricant from the taper of the extension and the inner taper of the core bit.
  2.  Insert the pilot drill into the drive extension first.
  3.  Insert the drive extension into the core bit.
  4.  Start drilling hole until the core bit is 3/8” deep.
  5.  Use the ejector key to push out the pilot drill.
  6.  Continue drilling the hole until the material being drilled fills the core bit interior.  Approximately 3-1/2” deep.
  7.  Break the drilled material inside the core bit with a chisel (if necessary.)
  8.  Return to Step 6 until desired hole depth is achieved.

Notice: Core Bit drilling without the use of a pilot drill bit causes excessive pressure on the taper shank system. This can result in breakage to the extension at the tapered end, especially between the two slots. Such jagged breaks are not considered defective and may not be covered under warranty.

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