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Auger Wood Power Pole ITM

Power Pole Auger Drill Bits are carbide tipped wood drill bits that have a carbide-tipped cutting tip combined with a hardened steel cutting edge.  These unique carbide tipped wood drill bits bore holes in all types of wood quickly, leaving little or no residue.  A truly clean, smooth hole is produced. Power Pole carbide tipped wood auger drill bits require less torque to operate and can be used with electric, air, or gasoline powered drill motors and impact wrenches.

Made of premium steel, Power Pole Auger Bits are for boring CCA and Creosoted poles, railroad ties, bulkheads, and other heavy timber.

All Power Pole Auger Drill Bits are Sold Individually.  Use with 1/2” Drills or Impact Wrenches:
• Stanley ID-04 “Yellow Jacket”
• Racine HIW-716
• Fairmount H8508

Also works well in heavy duty electric,
pneumatic, and gas powered drills.  Made in the USA

  • Carbide Tipped
  • Hex Shank
  • Heat Treated
  • Machine Ground Hollows
  • Deep Throat
  • Single Twist
  • Single Cutter
  • Side Lip
  • Power Groove
  • Self-Feeding Screw Point

For use on:

 CCA Poles
 Creosoted Poles
 Railroad Ties
 Bulk Heads
 Heavy Timber

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